To deliver optimum services and maintaining trust and transparency


To provide “Best conference till date” experience and bring about your desired outcome


For achieving our mission, we believe in working hand in hand with the client. STM Conferences strive to become a reliable companion to institutions and academic organisations.

Who are we?

STM Conference, a division by Consortium e-Learning Network Pvt. Lmt…. Read more

What we do?

Our constant approach is to provide a platform to institutions or academic organizations so that scholars, researchers, analysts, academicians, and professionals can share their revolution-worthy work to the world. Read more

With the vision of developing the better world, STM organize conferences, webinars, workshops, and seminars. The title for the conference is based on scientific, technical, and medical fields that we serve. Our undivided focus is on enhancing scientific capabilities’ of students, researchers, and working professionals. Candidates associated with our conference gets the access of free platform to publish their findings.

STM conferences collaborate with other institutions, academic organizations for conducting conferences. We believe that like-minded people together can bring a change. Thus, we constantly seek for productive collaborations. 

The topic of the conference is based on expertise level of all the institutions/ academic organizations involved.

We organize and manage conferences for universities or organizations. Further, review and research papers presented in the conference get published in relevant in house STM Journals (National Journals) and Journals Pub (International Journals). Our team strategizes the whole conference by adding the seasoning of creativity.

We deliver effective, efficient, and seamless services with our latest approaches, tools, and technologies. Secure and user-friendly services are our prime motto. We perform our duties with the focus on upgrading the reputation of the organization.

Your successful conference is our goal”

Call us Before Conference

Are you planning to conduct an academic conference? We got your back. We can provide you all that’s needed to conduct successful and fruitful conference.

Call us After Conference

Your conference is completed, but you do not know the next step. Don’t worry; we still got your back. Learn all about Conference proceedings through STM conferences: STM Conferences has experience of more than fifteen years in publishing conference proceedings.

Why Choose STM Conferences?


Be it a minutest problem or a non-ignorable glitch,STM Conferences believes in providing 24*7 support to its clients.


All our packages are affordable with relatable lower prices than other conference organizers. You can check all our package details here (Packages page URL) and compare them yourself.


With experience of more than fifteen years, we know how the education sector and conference sector work. Hence, our expert team is equipped with all the tips and tricks required for conducting a successful conference.


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