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STMC is a one stop destination for organizing, promoting and conducting academic seminars, conferences, conference publishing and training & development programs. It provides a platform for esteemed scholars, researchers, analysts, academicians, and professionals to share their expertise and knowledge and contribute to the development of the modern world.

We have played an active role in the publication of Conference articles & Proceedings for several Educational Institutions across India. Apart from the publication of articles in the relevant in house STM Journals (National Journals) and Journals Pub (International Journals) we are glad to be assisting you in organizing the conferences and we also invite Academic Event organizers to collaborate and get their events registered with our website providing a promotional edge to the event.

STMC has been able to carve out its own niche on the national platform in a short span with the amalgamation of researchers, analysts, innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, medical specialists, and experts from other domains by assisting them in related events, workshops, training programs, seminars and conferences. Our events are entirely based on knowledge exchange and research sharing concepts.

STMC will provide your conference with exemplary strategic planning and fastidious organizational skills, along with a flair for creativity. We have successfully directed many events across the nation. From planning to execution, we utilize the latest trends and technologies to deliver your events effectively, efficiently and seamlessly while keeping it secure, sophisticated and user-friendly.

We strive to ensure that our performance has an affirmative impact on your organization’s goodwill and help achieve its goals and objectives in a budget-friendly manner.


One of the most important areas we can develop as professionals is competence in accessing and sharing the knowledge”

 – Connie Malamed



  • Event/Conference Planning and Management.
  • Event/Conference Branding and Conceptualizing the theme and objectives.
  • Identifying target audience and promotion of the event.
  • Site selection, Logistics support and lodging for participants, an arrangement of catering services.
  • Site Management and décor
  • Coordinating between various agencies and vendors
  • Designing and printing of Event Catalogues, Brochures, Notepads and other stationery
  • Designing and Printing of Backdrops, Standees, Banners, flags etc.
  • Arranging Corporate Complimentaries – Conference Folders, Mementoes, Corporate Gifts
  • Event Promotion – media, publicity, etc.
  • Audio Visual arrangements
  • Ensuring Quality Products and Services and focus on cost-effective solutions
  • The processing and publication of the articles in ISSN-based Journals through STM Journals and Journalpub.
  • Conference Online Management using http://www.stmconferences.com platform
  • Advertising your conferences both online (email campaign; on various other Journal websites) and offline.
  •  Publishing manuscripts
  • Conference proceedings and article publication.


STMConferences.com provides a platform to colleges, universities, departments & societies for publishing their proceedings, papers & submissions at conferences electronically. We assist conveyors & organizers to publish effectively & efficiently.

The online special issues can be made available in both open access and print mode. STMConferences.com will provide a unique platform for a cost-effective solution to avail services that ensure maximum exposure to the authors for their research & review work across the globe.

Publishing for conferences needs to meet certain publishing criteria as accepted papers get presented to gain national & international repute.

Conference Promotion

We promote National and International conferences among academicians and researchers across the country. For promotion purpose, we send emails across the country as we have a strong database of a maximum number of colleges and universities throughout India and we keep on updating it frequently. We also use other popular digital tools so that the promotion is done in a unified manner at a reasonable cost. We also ensure a high number of paper submissions.

Conference Proceedings Publication

Our services are not only limited to Conference Promotion, but we also take care of publishing the conference papers in the UGC-approved and other indexed journals. We impart professional printing with a trademark registered Conference Proceeding with the ISBN. We calculate every measure in a proper manner such that the proceedings are articulated and delivered in a great manner without any kind of problem. Any institution, if looking towards the publication of the Conference proceedings in the UGC-approved journals as well as in the ISBN Book format, then our in-house team will get it done at reasonable costs.

Organizing Conference in Collaboration

We also help the academic institutions in organizing their seminars and conferences in collaboration. If you are an academic institute, then you should share a detailed requirement so that our team can assist you in organizing your Upcoming international/national conferences in India. Our high-quality collaboration in the conferences will also help in reaching a more certified target audience that will facilitate a good number of high-quality paper submissions. Every Conference is promoted among academicians across the world through the latest digital tools including a dedicated IP address email server. Our team of academicians also aids in the peer review process of paper. A soft copy of all the printing materials is also provided. Our core team looks after the planning of the conference while our partners in collaboration look towards organizing the conferences with our full support.

Conference Organization by Us

We also organize various conferences at various reputed institutions and educational organizations across the country. We take care of all the aspects of the conference including planning, budgeting, and organizing. The academic institution can connect with us in written for organizing a conference at their venue. If you are planning Conferences in India, then you can feel free to connect with us.



Concise supplements can be made to be sent to our subscribers relevant to the area of the conference and also to your choice of audience. These supplements can contain conference or symposium reviews, proceedings, surveys, statistics, etc.

These supplements can be made available online or in print.

Conference Publication – Special Issue

 Special issues of conference proceedings can be published online &/or in print as per the requirements of the conveyor/organizer of the conference.

These special issues contain peer-reviewed & accepted articles & submissions fit for publication. Special issues can then be ordered in bulk for distribution during or post-conference.

Microsites: ConnectSpot

Claim your spot on StmJournals.com, StmConferences.com.

A full 360° service to connect you with the audience utilizing various STM products & services. A dedicated & focused campaign to cover multiple fields, areas of audience possible when the scope and focus of the conference are vast & varied.

We provide:

  • Premium placement of ads, promotional material as per STM Products & Services
  • Regular interaction with the STM subscriber database
  • Generation of queries & responses from the probable participants & audiences
  • Analytics of visitors & interaction responses
  • Reprints on Demand:-

Get individual or bulk of articles as specialized reprints with customized advertisements.

These reprints serve as great research material focused on your products for promotion to your end-users. Reprints serve as a perfect tool when the audience is from academia or professionals from medical or technological fields.

Reprints can be distributed digitally, in-print in the format of journal reprints, on CD, pen drives in an encrypted format.

We take of everything from pre-editing, final proof, print & delivery anywhere.

About Consortium E-Learning Pvt. Ltd. 

CELNET (Consortium E-Learning Network Pvt. Ltd.) Group is one of the fastest and most innovative publishers of STM Content in India. We publish and manage more than 250+ Journals and have undertaken projects like Books, e-Training Programs in various Scientific, Technical, Medical, Management & Law domains under our banner.


Why choose CELNET?

  • Our clients come first
  • Our foremost standard of conduct is integrity
  • Our team is experienced and committed
  • We individually and collectively thrive for excellence
  • We offer innovative and customized services


Problems we solve

  • Quality Enhancement
  • Increased reach
  • On-time Publication
  • Increased Citation and indexing
  • Management of Records
  • Seamless publication of journals
  • Making Journals digitally available




STM Conferences website (www.stmconferences.com) is owned and managed by Consortium E-Learning Pvt. Ltd.

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