CETE  Electronics Colloquium (Upcoming Conference )

Centre of Electronics & Telecommunication Excellence (CETE) presents CETE Electronics Colloquium . The conference will be held in Delhi.


CETE Electronics Colloquium will provide an excellent platform for the academicians, researchers, engineers and industrial participants through panel discussion where they can share their ideas, products and findings with the experts and recommend useful ideas for mutual benefit. They will be updated with the current scenario and techniques in electronics engineering. Business leaders will get a wide opportunity, they can get new vision and techniques for their business development. Our speakers will share their experience, knowledge, updates in electronics, information, telecommunication and IoT field.

This colloquium would suffice the participants (academicians, researchers, engineers, industrial participants) to get together, discuss, deduce and recommend useful ideas in the presence of experts and resource persons.

About Centre 

Centre of Electronics and Telecommunication Excellence (CETE) is devoted to dispersing the existing and advanced technology of Electronics and Telecommunication. It facilitates to understand the concept behind the existing technology and to create revolution through it. Now a days, Electronics and Telecommunication plays a vital role in creating big revolution. The technology of Electronics and Telecommunication works in all the domains of Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Bio-Technology to enhance the quality, performance of existing systems by reducing their size and price. Through CETE, we aim to bring in the new techniques and horizons that will contribute to advancements in Electronics & Telecommunication through its various products like Books, Journals, Conferences and Training Programs intended to strengthen the knowledge of individuals.

Students can interact with experts from the industry and academics. This will also help them in shaping their career. We want to provide a platform for all academicians, researchers and industries to present their ideas dealing with state-of-art research and future developments.

Why to Attend Conference

  • Promote and Market yourself
  • Find Inspirations & Fresh Ideas
  • Continual learning is the best way to advance
  • Network with other bright minds
  • Learn from the Expert

Conference Theme

  • Embedded System & Devices
  • Electronic Design & Technology
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Digital Communication System
  • Broadband & Cellular Communication System
  • Satellite Technologies: Evolution & Innovation
  • Wireless Optical Communication
  • Analog Circuits & System

 Panel Themes

  • Advancement in Electronics Devices
  • Broadband over Cable: A Viable Option
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Electronics
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation for Sustainable Development
  • Bio-metric Authentication Technology from the Movies to your Desktop

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Call for Abstracts:

Papers on any of the above-mentioned themes are invited from research scholar, faculty and scientists. Those interested are requested to submit abstract (not exceeding 500 words on A4 size with 12 fonts in Times New Roman) to the conference convener. Soft copy of abstract must be mailed to electronics.editor@conwiz.in

Recent Trends in Electronics & Communication Systems

•Embedded system devices
•Transmission systems and devices
•Relay Stations, Tributary stations.
•Data Terminal Equipment
•Power Line Communication Systems
•A Duplex Communication System
•A Tactical Communications System
•Electronic Sensors and Sensory Systems
•Microprocessor & Microcontroller System
•Microelectronic Devices and Circuits
•SoC, SoPC, MPoC and NoC Designing

Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology

•Electric Sensor Technologies
•Magnetic Sensor Technologies
•Electrophysiological Monitoring
•Forensics and Materials Characterization
•Intelligent Vision Sensors
•Tracking and Sensor Fusion
•Space-Based Surveillance and Detection

Trends in Opto Electro & Optical Communication

•Enabling Technologies & Applications in Optical Networks
•Survivability, Reliability & Security of Optical Networks
•Signaling and Information Models for Network Control & Management
•Architecture, Protocols & Algorithms for Dynamic Optical Networks
•Fiber-Optic Networks
•Advanced DSL Technologies on Fiber-to-the-Home Architectures
•Operations Support Systems for Optical Network

Journal of Instrumentation Technology & Innovation

•Biomedical Instrumentation
•Data Acquisition and Processing
•Microprocessors and Microcontroller System Design
•Fundamentals of Instrumentation/Control Components
•Experimentation, Industrial Electronics & Applications
•Measurement Techniques
•Mechatronics, including Smart Sensors and MEMS
•Signal Processing Techniques for Measurement
•Sensor-actuator Systems
•Signal Conditioning, Data Acquisition Systems, Telemetry
•Automatic & Process Control Systems Design
•Virtual Instrumentation

International Journal of Broadband Cellular Communication

•Radio Frequency Components/ Modules and its Propogation
•Transmitter Signal Processing/Response and Control Systems
•Device Physics of RF and Power Devices
•Antenna- Types, Analysis, Measurement Techniques and Design
•Industrial Remote Controls
•GPS & GLONASS Modules
•Data Communication & Signal Processing
•Digital Computer Network, Wireless technology
•Advance & Future Communication System
•Remote Sensing Types and Applications, Terrestial nertworks
•Aerospace and Electronic Systems Organization

International Journal of Digital Electronics

•Digital System And Binary Number
•Combinational Logic, Sequential Logic And Its Applications
•Memory & Programmable Logic Devices•
•Memristors and Memristive Devices
•communication System, channels and their characteristics
•Optimal receivers:
•Error Control and types
•MAC Layer
•Signals and systems

International Journal of VLSI Design and Technology

•VLSI DESIGN and fabrication
•Electronics Devices and Circuits
•Energy Bands and Charge Carrier in Semiconductor
•Excess carriers in Semiconductors
•MOSFET, BJT, Feedback, Oscillators, Amplifiers
•Testable Design Techniques
•CMOS Technologies/ PCB Designing
•Mathematical Methods in Electronics

International Journal of Microwave Engineering and Technology

•Microwave, Millimeter-Wave, and Terahertz Technologies
•Microwave Antennas and Devices
•Microwave Photonics
•Infrared and Laser Technologies
•Band Gap Materials
•Electromagnetic Field
•Microwave Communications
•MMIC, MEMS, PBG Structures and Metamaterials
•CAD tools in RF/Microwave circuit design

Submit your research/review articles related to electronics and telecommunication.

Focus and Scope
-Electronics devices and circuits
-VLSI design and fabrication
-Microwave antennas and devices
-Various communication System, channels and their characteristics
-Data communication & signal processing
-Digital computer network, wireless technology
-Embedded system devices
-Optical technology
-Sensor-actuator Systems
-Broadband Cellular Communication

-Electronics and telecommunication Engineers
-Computer engineers
-Director, CEOs, President and Vice Presidents
-Employees of electronics organizations
-Electrical and mechanical engineers
-Quality control and design engineers
-Embedded system engineers
-Academicians and students
-Deans and professors
-Faculty of engineering departments
-Societies and Association of electronics and telecommunication

Advisory Committee

Technical Support Committee

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