CKME Management Conference 1.0 – Entrepreneurship in COVID Times

Entrepreneurship in COVID Times

Date : 18th September 2020

Time : 2:00 pm – 6 :00 pm

Venue : Online Conference

Mode : Zoom App

Fee : Free for all participants

Audience : Students , Faculty, Professionals , Business Mangers and Administrators

Organizer : Centre of Knowledge Management Excellence (CKME)

Centre of Knowledge Management Excellence (CKME) is conducting web conference on “Entrepreneurship in COVID Times” on 18th September 2020.

About Conference

E-conference on “Entrepreneurship in COVID Times” focuses on COVID-19 strategies for start-up and the challenges for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the COVID-19 times. We welcome Business professional, youngsters and Entrepreneurs to participate in the conference. The conference provides excellent platform to present and discuss about the new business opportunities, latest trends and innovations in the market.

Conference Aims & Importance

Conference aims to bring industry researchers, research scholars, business professionals, enthusiastic youth, small scale Industrial people to exchange and share their experiences & discussing about the most recent patterns in the business field. The conference will be helpful for the youths who wants grow their career as an entrepreneur. It encourages active participation of various Entrepreneurs among the world to promote new challenges. The conference discusses new business ideas for startups which can be implemented in COVID-19 era.  The conference presents the approach to equip your business with a strategic vision to thrive in this pandemic.

Conference Objectives:

  1. New Business Ideas.
  2. What to do before starting a business.
  3. How do I prepare a business plan.
  4. Get your new business off the ground.
  5. How to get financing for your start up.

Conference highlights:

  1. Startup Entrepreneurship
  2. Opportunities for new business.
  3. Strategic Entrepreneurship.
  4. Innovative Industries.
  5. Entrepreneurship with future analysis
  6. Corporate entrepreneurship
  7. How to restart your business in the wake of COVID-19.

Target Audience

  1. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.
  2. Management Professional.
  3. Start-up Entrepreneurs.
  4. Professors.
  5. Ph.D. Scholars.
  6. Business tycoons.

Call For Paper

E- conference on “Entrepreneurship in COVID Times” provides the platform for researchers and authors to publish their research papers, case studies and  review papers in our Journals. The conference will bring together leading  research scholars and  authors in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1. Entrepreneurship Planning & Strategic Management
2. Market Research and Information System
3. Understanding Human Resource Management
4. Financial Management for Business Professionals
5. Product and Brand Management
6. Supply Chain & Logistics
7. IT & Management

Those who wish to do an Oral presentation or want to publish their papers can register and upload their manuscript by using the link below.

Manuscript Submission



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