CLE Law Conclave 1.6- Issues in Tortious Liabilities and Labour Laws

CLE Law Conclave 1.6

 Issues in Tortious Liabilities and Labour Laws

Date : 2nd December 2020

Time : 11:00 pm – 2 :00 pm

Venure : Online Conference

Mode : Zoom App

Fee : Free for all participants

Audience : Students , Faculty, Professionals , Lawyers and Administrators

Organizer : Centre for Legal Excellence


Agenda :

To emphasise and have discussions on the issues in Tortious Liabilities and Labour Laws by bringing together researchers, students, academicians, law firms  and independent practitioners  on the common platform .

Conference :

“CLE Law Conclave 1.6- Issues in Tortious Liabilities and Labour Laws “  intends exchange of knowledge amongst the researchers, students, academicians, law firms  and independent practitioners  regarding Issues and Challenges in Labour  Laws through  interactive web- sessions.
CLE Law Conclave 1.6 will not only offer you to exchange knowledge and research experience,  but it also strives to offer plenty of networking opportunities further giving you a platform to interact with the leading researchers, academicians, law firms  and independent practitioners  including industry professionals in the field of Labour   Laws.

It allows envoys to have issues addressed on tortious liabilities and Labour   Laws by commendable experts who are prevalent with the latest issues in tortious liabilities and Labour   Laws and present their opinions through various sessions.

Conference  Sessions :

The Law of Torts is primarily concerned with redressal of wrongful civil actions by awarding compensation. In a society where men live together, conflict of interests are bound to occur and they may, from time to time, cause damage to one or the other. In addition, with the rapid industrialization, tortious liability has come to be used against manufacturers and industrial units. The Law of Torts had originated from Common Law and by and large, this branch of law continues to be uncodified. Tortious liability has been codified only to a very limited extent such as workmen’s compensation, motor vehicle accidents, environmental degradation, consumer protection and the like.

Labour Law also known as Employment Law and is about the body of laws, administrative rulings, and precedents which address the legal rights and restrictions on working people and their organizations. As such, it mediates many aspects of the relationship between trade unions, employers and employees. In other words, Labour law defines the rights and obligations as workers, union members and employers at the workplace.

This Conference invites research scholars, Practitioners, Professors and delegates who are interested in research work to have an eye view on perspectives related to issues in tortious liabilities and Labour   Laws and to present their opinions on the given platform.

 Conference Theme :

  • Employees State Insurance Act, 1948
  • Employees Provident Fund And Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
  • The Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act, 1959
  • Factories Act, 1948
  • Industrial Disputes Act, 1947
  • Labour Laws (Exemption From Furnishing Returns & Maintaining Registers By Certain Establishments) Act, 1988
  • Payment of Bonus Act, 1965
  • Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
  • Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923
  • The Trade Unions Act, 1926
  • Shops and Establishment Act, 1954
  • Laws related to wages
  • Laws related to child labour
  • Law related to contract labour
  • Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
  • Apprentices Act 1961
  • Checklist of labour law compliance
  • Unfair labour practice
  • Labour laws in the unorganized sector
  • Women labour and the Law
  • Industrial relations
  • Special points to be noted while drafting Employment Agreement
  • important case laws under various labour legislations
  • Authorities under the labour law in India
  • Defence against Tortious Liability
  • Negligence – Liability of Common Law and Statutory Law
  • Nervous Shock
  • Remoteness of Damages
  • No Fault Liability- Strict and absolute Liability
  • Vicarious Liability of State
  • Defamation



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