CLE Law Conclave (Upcoming Conference )

                                  CLE Law Conclave 

CLE Law Conclave  ( Law Conference and Conclave ) is planned to be organised by Centre for  Legal Excellence  . It plans to bring stakeholders from academia, Law firms and independent Law Professionals on a single platform so that they share their knowledge and skills which could benefit the Law fraternity worldwide.

 Aim :

  • To assist and encourage the professionals of Law fraternity to maintain the integrity and competence of their field and promote a sense of partnership among them.
  •  To provide opportunities for academicians and professionals of Law to share their research and knowledge.
  • To disseminate knowledge and share experience about the issues and challenges in implementing law.
  • To provide opportunities for academicians to receive informal feedback through discussions.

Centre for  Legal Excellence:

Centre for Legal Excellence aims to create and produce quality products for knowledge enhancement of Law Fraternity. Law epitomizes the set of rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate conduct of citizens. Law regulates and ensures that the community or individuals adhere to the will of State. In a way, it shapes the political, economical, historical and sociological aspects of a civilization. CLE aims to bring together the members of Law Fraternity in a single platform so that knowledge sharing is made possible. CLE provides dynamic and innovative products i.e, Journals, Books, Training programs and Conferences for the benefit of Law Fraternity. A bouquet of 16 Law Journals are published under the aegis of Centre for Legal Excellence. We also hope that our Conferences, web-based training programs and books from renowned authors would create a mark for bringing together the members in the field of law on one platform for knowledge sharing and mutually beneficial association.


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Those who wish to do poster presentation or want to publish their papers can register and upload their papers by using the paper submission button. Poster Presentations will attract Rs 1000/ USD 150 as fee, which is inclusive of poster presentation registration, display and certification. There is no charge for Manuscript/paper publication in Journals, for getting a separate certificate of Publication in Journal Rs 200/ USD 50 will be charged only.