Nanoconnent Conference 1.0: Energy, Environment & Water

Nanoconnect Conference 1.0

Energy, Environment and Water


Date: 30th September 2020

Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Venue: Online Conference

Mode: Zoom App

Fee: Free for all participants

Audience: Students, Faculty, Professionals, Researchers, Scientists, Decision makers, Policy formulators and administrators.

Organizer: Nano Science and Technology Consortium


To emphasis on the efforts made for the sustainable potential of where nanotechnology can take lead in the development of energy sources, environmental remediation and water purification, moreover uplift and encourage grade research by bringing together researchers, scientists, engineers and industries on the common platform to discuss the latest developments and innovations in nanotechnology.


Nanoconnect Conference 1.0 intends exchange of knowledge amongst the professionals, industrialists, and students from research areas of Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics and energy storage to share their research experiences and be a part of the interactive web- sessions.
Nanoconnect Conference 1.0 will not only offer you to exchange knowledge and research experience but it also strives to offer plenty of networking opportunities further giving you a platform to interact with the leading scientists, researchers, technologists, associations, investors and including industry professionals in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

It allows envoys to have issues addressed on Nanotechnology by commendable experts who are prevalent with the latest progress in the Nanotechnology field and provide information on advanced techniques and
technologies used for environmental remediation, water purification, energy storage and conversions through various sessions.

Conference  Sessions :

Nanotechnology has developed a sustainable energy manufacturing scheme which is one of the foremost necessary scientific challenges of the 21st century. The assignment is to design, to synthesize and to represent new functional nanomaterials with controllable sizes, shapes and/or structures. It is now one of the quickest growing lookup fields in the world and will optimistically head to the improvement of a renewable strength economy in which fossil gasoline resources will solely be used to produce more valuable chemicals. This vision is that energy, environmental and safety troubles created with the aid of the consumption of fossil fuels will be solved as soon as and for all.

  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Solar Power Technology and Material
  • Energy Storage & Novel Generation
  • Oil, Gas, Nuclear & Traditional Energy

Conference and Paper Submission Theme :

  • Water purification using nanotechnology
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Nanomaterial for environment protection
  • Environmental remediation by nanomaterials
  • Renewable energy through nanotechnology
  • Nanotechnology in Energy transmission
  • Miniaturization of energy storage components
  • Nanotechnology in sustainable energy
  • Nanotechnology in energy storage
  • Green nanotechnology
  • Nanotechnology in hydrogen storage
  • Nanotechnology in energy conversion
  • Solar energy harvesting

Those who wish to do an Oral presentation or want to publish their papers can register and upload their papers by using the paper submission button. 

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Mr. Puneet Mehrotra Mr. Puneet Mehrotra,  is the Founder-Director of Reinste Nano Ventures Pvt Ltd and is a member of ‘Vision Group of Nanotechnology’ by the Karnataka Government, headed by Bharat Ratna Prof. C.N.R Rao, with defined vision to promote the ‘awareness of Nanotechnology in India’ and serve the country as a leading Indian nanotechnology...
Mr. Samit Mehrotra Mr Samit Mehrotra is specialist at creating brands through lens of culture. My experience spreads over 20 years,12 of which have been spent at futurebrands, as a brand thinker and lead consultant and rest in different ad agencies Brands worked on: fastrack, Titan, sonata, Firefox bikes, Zivame, Enamour, Colgate, Biba, Lenskart, iDiscoveri...
Mr. Raj K. Arora With more than 15+ years of cumulative experience (10+ years in core IT technologies and 5+ years in FinTech domain), Mr. Raj contributes as ACTING CTO to various startups operating in as diverse fields as FinTech, FoodTech, EdTech, and HealthTech. Mr. Raj is passionate about Financial Technologies including Blockchain, Nano Technologies...
Prof. Dr. R. K. Khandal Prof. Dr. R. K. Khandal has been working as President R&D and Business Development, India Glycols Ltd., Noida since 2015. He is Former:  a) Vice-Chancellor, U. P. Technical University, Lucknow & b) Director, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi for ~12 yrs. Prof. Khandal has been mentoring universities and institutions....
Dr. Bonamali Pal  
Dr. Shailesh Narain Sharma
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