Nanoconnent 2.0: Chemical, Petroleum & Paint Industry

Nanoconnect Conference 2.0

Chemical, Petroleum & Paint Industry


Date: 30th October 2020

Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Venue: Online Conference

Mode: Zoom App

Fee: Free for all participants

Audience: Students, Faculty, Professionals, Researchers, Scientists, Decision makers, Policy formulators and administrators.

Organizer: Nano Science and Technology Consortium


To identify and promote the emergence of nanotechnology and nanoscience in the province of chemical, petroleum and paint industries, to obtain a glimpse of the progress in the industry along with nanoscience from renowned expertise in the field of nanotechnology. This conference not only provides a nominal platform for all nanotechnology field professionals and educators to exchange their views and knowledge through discussion methods, oral sessions and keynote presentations, but also the opportunity to form networks and contacts with those with such expertise. 

In addition to all that, it provides an opportunity to showcase your recent or upcoming research on the same podium. 


Nanoconnect 2.0 involves the advancement of the chemical, petroleum and paint industry with the involvement of nanotechnology and testifies to its growth and development. It brings together experts, entrepreneurs, students and researchers from the experimental fields of nanotechnology, materials science, chemistry, physics and chemical engineering with their renowned research experience. 

Nanoconnect 2.0 also provides networking opportunities for top scientists, researchers, technologists, associations, investors and industry professionals active in the field of nanotechnology. 

The nanotechnology and the chemical industry work together because many areas of nanotechnology work together due to the basic chemical principles (and interactions) that are subject to many nanotechnology policies and phenomena. The chemical industry produces a wide range of functional nanoparticles. These nanoparticles can be found in a wide variety of products, from paints to additives for everyday home formulations and additives for automobiles. That being said, the term ‘chemical industry’ is broad, and companies that fall into this category can also produce products ranging from smart electronics to food product tracks. 

We look forward to welcoming all of you to join and experience the latest innovations in the field of  chemical industry. 

Conference  Sessions :

Nanotechnology is ready to affect drastically on all divisions of the business. There is extraordinary potential in nanotechnology examination to reform the oil, substance and paint industry and for the business to profit by nanotechnology’s huge advantages. Examination in nanotechnology in the oil, paint and synthetic industry is progressing quickly
  • Nanostructured Coatings
  • Nano catalysis
  • Nanomaterial Biocides in Paint
  • hydrocarbon recuperation and preparing

Conference and Paper Submission Theme :

  • Application of nanotechnology in exploring petroleum. 
  • Nanotechnology in developing petroleum industry 
  • Nanotechnology in desulfurization process in petroleum 
  • Application of nanotechnology in oil and gas 
  • Nanotechnology in oil recovery 
  • Nanotechnology in oilfield chemistry 
  • Nanotechnology in chemical sensors 
  • Chemical nanotechnology in paints 
  • Nanotechnology in antimicrobial paints 
  • Nanotechnology in organic coating paints 
  • Conductive paints by nanotechnology 

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