Nanoconnent 4.0: Nanotech an Industrial Growth Driver

Nanoconnect Conference 4.0

Nanotech an Industrial Growth Driver

Date: 21st December 2020

Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Venue: Online Conference

Mode: Zoom App

Fee: Free for all participants

Audience: Students, Faculty, Professionals, Researchers, Scientists, Industry, Decision makers, Policy formulators and administrators.

Organizer: Nano Science and Technology Consortium


To signify the potential of nanotechnology in field of industrial growth and get a glance of how nanotechnology appears as a global industrial booster. Further to bring expertise from nanotechnology field and market analyzer to give a brief on the latter. This webinar provides a common platform to all the nanotechnology field expertise and academicians to exchange their views and knowledge through discussion, oral sessions and keynote presentation on how nanotechnology is being used and utilized in industries for commercial growth of nanotechnology. 

Not only this but it also provides a great opportunity to showcase your up to date research on a recurrent platform. 


Nanoconnect 4.0 aspires to bring about the professionals, industrialists, and students from research areas of Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Chemistry and Physics, engineering to come up with their renowned research and its experience to encourage and uplift the atmosphere of nanotechnology growth and enhancement in industrial field. 

Along with platform of interaction Nanoconnect 4.0 will also strive to offer plenty of networking opportunities with the leading scientists, researchers, technologist, associations, investors and including industry professionals in the field of Nanotechnology as well as sponsors. Nanotechnology has revolutionized the technology, biochemical and medical industry, with its applications in nanomedicines, nanorobotics, nanochips, nanoelectronics, biomaterials etc.  

Our aim is to build long-term global partnerships with our speakers, delegates and sponsors to ensure that our programs are not only relevant but connected to the real-world challenges 

Conference  Sessions :

Nanoconnect 4.0 – Nanotech a modern development driver
Nanotechnology conveys a huge effect, and fills in as a progressive and useful innovation across different modern areas, including correspondence, medication, transportation, farming, vitality, materials and assembling, shopper items, and families. Rising use cases and application is required to be one of the key components contributing towards the development of nanotechnology market size.
Nano Devices
  • Nanomanipulators
  • Nanomechanical Test Instruments
  • Nanoscale Infrared Spectrometers
Nano sensors
  • Optical Nano sensor
  • Organic Nano sensor
  • Concoction Nano sensor
  • Physical Nano sensor

Conference and Paper Submission Theme :

  • Nanotechnology in IT 
  • Nanotechnology in electronics 
  • Chemical nano sensors 
  • Application of nanotechnology in food industry 
  • Application of nanotechnology in construction industry 
  • Nanotechnology in electricals 
  • Nanotechnology in oil industry 
  • Nanotechnology in chemical industry 
  • Nanotechnology in pharmaceutical industry 
  • Nanotechnology in metallurgy 

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