Nanoconnent 5.0: Agriculture, Food & Sustainability

Nanoconnect Conference 5.0

 Agriculture, Food & Sustainability 


Date: 30th November 2020

Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Venue: Online Conference

Mode: Zoom App

Fee: Free for all participants

Audience: Students, Faculty, Professionals, Researchers, Scientists, Decision makers, Policy formulators and administrators.

Organizer: Nano Science and Technology Consortium


Recognizing and promoting the emergence of nanotechnology and nanoscience in the province of agriculture, food and sustainability. Gains insights into the advancement of the industry with renowned experts in the field of nanotechnology with nanoscience. The conference provides a nominal platform for all nanotechnologists and educators to exchange their ideas and knowledge through discussion methods, oral sessions and keynote presentations and also provides the opportunity to build networks and contacts with such experts. 

Above all, it provides an opportunity to express your latest or upcoming research on a single platform.


Nano Connect 5.0 involves the advancement of agriculture, food and sustainability with the involvement of nanotechnology and certifies its growth and development. It brings together experts, entrepreneurs, students and researchers from the experimental fields of nanotechnology, materials science, chemistry, physics and chemical engineering, agriculture antinomy. Seed science and planting  with their renowned research experience. 

Nano Connect 5.0 also offers networking opportunities for top scientists, researchers, technologists, associations, investors and professionals active in the nanotechnology industry. 

The agro-food sector is the process of food production and distribution, and plays a number of roles, from agriculture to food. Agricultural nanotechnology, in particular, is about emerging nanotechnologies for expanding and improving food production. The main purpose of nanotechnology in the food industry is to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment, but it can also increase productivity, profitability or health and safety. 

We look forward to welcoming all of you to join and enjoy the latest discoveries in the field of advanced agriculture sector. 

Conference  Sessions :

The food and drink industry is a global multi-trillion dollar industry. The most recent gauge from the world in your value go predicts that the effect of nanotechnology will be in any event $ 3 trillion by 2020, which could utilize an extra 6 million laborers in the developing nanotechnology industry around the world. It is exceptionally excellent and the novel has coordinated numerous food organizations intrigued by the turn of events and advertising of nanomaterial items and improving efficiency, food properties, taste and wellbeing. Unfathomably, the food organization as of now has heaps of utilized things previously sold and utilized over the previous decade.
  • Nanomaterials as Agents to Stimulate Plant Growth
  • Nano-d for the Management of the Food Supply Chain
  • Nano-conveyance framework

Conference and Paper Submission Theme :

  • Nanotechnology in agriculture 
  • Nanotechnology in sustainable agriculture 
  • Nanotechnology in crop protection 
  • Role of nanotechnology in crop growth 
  • Nano fertilizer for agriculture 
  • Nano pesticide in agriculture 
  • Carbon nanoparticles in agriculture 
  • Nano sensors for precise agriculture 
  • Nanotechnology: a second green revolution 
  • Nanotechnology in functional food 

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