Nanoconnent 7.0: Electronic, Electrical & Telecommunication

Nanoconnect Conference 7.0

Electronic, Electrical & Telecommunication 


Date: 30th December 2020

Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Venue: Online Conference

Mode: Zoom App

Fee: Free for all participants

Audience: Students, Faculty, Professionals, Researchers, Scientists, Decision makers, Policy formulators and administrators.

Organizer: Nano Science and Technology Consortium


To raise and advance the improvement of nanotechnology and nanoscience in the space of electronic, electrical and media transmission. Further to get pieces of information on the lift in the nano electronics with lofty masters in the field of nanotechnology with nanotechnology. The gathering gives an apparent stage to all nanotechnologists and instructors to exchange their musings and data through discussion procedures, oral gatherings and highlight talks, similarly as the opportunity to make associations and contacts with such pros.  

In particular, it allows to convey your latest or anticipated exploration on a lone stage. 


Nano Connect 7.0 incorporates the progress electrical, electronic and media transmission with the relationship of nanotechnology and asserts its turn of events and headway. It unites specialists, business people, understudies and scientists from the test fields of nanotechnology, materials science, physics, chemistry, telecommunication and network engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and brewing with their prestigious examination experience.  

Nano Connect 7.0 moreover offers arrange open entryways for top scientists, examiners, technologists, affiliations, theorists and master’s dynamic in the nanotechnology business. 

Information and telecommunication are a significant and quickly developing industrial area with a high pace of advancement. Colossal advancement has been made by making a progress from customary to nanotechnology hardware. Nanotechnology has made a huge change in information and correspondence innovation. Nanotechnology is the following modern unrest and the media communications industry will be drastically changed by it later on. Nanotechnology has uplifted the broadcast communications, processing, and systems administration businesses 

We foresee welcoming all of you to join and value the latest disclosures in the field of forefront electronic and correspondence zone. 

Conference  Sessions :

Headway of Nanotechnology and the creation of Nanomaterials opened new perspectives for different areas of industry. These materials explain created quality, strength, biocompatibility, and can ensure higher help properties, steadfastness, and frameworks. Zeroing in on nano-strengthened composite materials and their applications, the essential objective of this extraordinary issue is to give a conversation to exchanging the best class and unique musings in the field of showing, depiction, and getting ready of these creating material. Nanotechnology for Telecommunications presents crucial specialized logical data to assist per users with getting a handle on issues and difficulties related with nanoscale media transmission framework advancement and commercialization  

  • Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNFET)  
  • Nanostructured Multiphase Alloys  
  • Quantum Mechanics for Modeling of Nanomaterials  
  • Nanomaterials with novel optical, electrical, and attractive properties 
  • Quicker and littler non-silicon-based chipsets, memory, and processors 

Conference and Paper Submission Theme :

  • Nanotechnology in photonics 
  • Nanotechnology based flexible electronics 
  • Nanotechnology: graphene electronics 
  • Nanotechnology based Wearable electronics 
  • Semiconducting nanotechnology 
  • Nanotechnology for sustainable manufacturing 
  • Semiconducting nanowires 
  • Printed organic nanoelectronics 
  • Nanogenerators for nano systems 
  • Core-shell nanowires emitting at telecommunication wavelengths 
  • Nanocomposite substrates for telecommunication 
  • Carbon crystals for nanoelectronics 
  • Application of Quantum dots in nanodevices 
  • Nanotechnology in wireless communication systems 

Those who wish to do an Oral presentation or want to publish their papers can register and upload their papers by using the paper submission button

Registration Form


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