International Conference on Advances in Transport Phenomena (ICATP-2022) (A Virtual Meet)

International Conference on Advances in Transport Phenomena (ICATP-2022)

(A Virtual Meet)

Organised by: School of Advanced Sciences, VIT-AP University, Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) 522237, India

Conference start: July 16-18, 2022

Important Dates:

Opening date of the Extended Abstract/Poster submission—May 10, 2022

Last date of the Extended Abstract /Poster submission—June 15, 2022

Notification of Acceptance —June 20, 2022

Registration—June 21, 2022

Domain or Subject: Engineering

About Conference: The conference aims at providing in depth knowledge about the recent advances in a wide range of areas under the topic “Transport Phenomena” which can be used to solve a plethora of real world problems. Transport phenomena can be found from nanoscale to macroscale, from single-phase to multiphase, from non-reactive to reacting flows, and for applications from on the ground to in space. Some of the scientific areas covered under this topic are Convective Heat and Mass Transfer, Physiological Fluid Mechanics, Microfluidics, Rheology, and other related areas. The speakers invited for talks in the conference are eminent researchers from top institutions with expertise in different areas of Transport Phenomena and Fluid Mechanics. This conference would benefit post-graduate students, research scholars and young faculty members to get exposure on Transport Phenomena research being across the globe and would also give them the opportunity to collaborate with top researchers from these fields worldwide.

Aims and Scope of the Conference:

  • The program consists of preliminary invited talks followed by contributed paper presentations in parallel sessions on different topics of various research areas covered under the topic, “Transport Phenomena” with the following objectives:
  • To motivate and enhance the knowledge of the participants with various backgrounds such as Applied Mathematics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and many more, in the recent advances in Transport Phenomena.
  • To provide an interdisciplinary platform with newer dimensions to tackle real-life applications of science and engineering.
  • To promote new-innovative techniques and ideas to achieve better opportunities and success in the society.

Extended abstracts/posters Submission:

Contributors of presentations at the conference are invited to submit an extended abstract (Maximum 2 pages) or poster consisting of the research aim, brief literature survey, problem formulation, solution methodology and significant conclusions. All the submissions will be peer-reviewed. Based on the reviewer’s recommendation, a communication will be sent to the participant. All accepted extended abstracts/posters will be published in the conference booklet (with ISBN). The abstract should be submitted in document (.doc) format using the template available on the ICATP-22 website. Papers for the submitted abstracts/poster must be presented by one of the authors at the conference.

Conference Inquiry Email ID: [email protected]

Event Status: Active

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