Publication Management

Special issues of conference proceedings can be published online and/or Print as per the requirements of the conveyor/ organizer of the conference. These special issues contain Peer reviewed & accepted articles & submissions fit for publication. Special issues can then be ordered in bulk for distribution during or post conference.

Manuscript Plagiarism Check: We use high quality software to help you identify passages in your manuscript. This is followed by a complete report, highlighting problematic sections. Our Plagiarism service includes:

  1. Plagiarism check report.
  2. Identify significant overlaps in text with published articles.

Peer Review Service: We offer professional peer review of manuscripts within 7 days. Journal manuscript reviewers with specialized knowledge in your field of study will review your paper to pinpoint areas for improvement and provide suggestions.

Formatting: Our formatting work will remove all the glitches from your manuscript. We ensure that your text, figures, tables, & references are all formatted as per the “instructions to author” guidelines.

  1. We format the full manuscript according to author’s guidelines.
  2. Arrange texts, paragraphs and figures within a specified margin and position.
  3. Ensure that references are presented in correct style (e.g., APA, MLA, CMS etc.)
  4. Work online spacing and margin of the journal.
  5. Prepare designated layout and formatting style.
  6. Reformatting the images into the required style.

Proofreading: Our proofreading team handles the checkpoints like language, writing style and reference style.

  1. Checking of full manuscript and detecting all type of errors.
  2. Checked the capitalization and punctuation of manuscript.
  3. Checking for spelling and grammatical errors, typographical mistakes, missing words.

Copyediting: Our copyediting services offer the proofreading of the full manuscript and checking the manuscript’s English language for spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. Our services cover:

  1. Checking the manuscript’s English language for spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.
  2. Checking for the consistency in writing style (capitalization, British English).
  3. Rephrasing the sentences for better clarity.
  4. Checking for consistent use of abbreviations.
  5. Checking of referencing style.

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