Designing and printing creatives

  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets
  • Flyers
  • Anything that needs to be designed for conference

Registration management

Data collection

You can go on pitching about the conference and it can happen that the audience you were targeting were not the right one. Our accurate data collection will not let this happen. We collect user’s data according to their interest, exposure, and relevance with the topic. Accuracy 

Our expert team gives special attention in accumulating error-free data. Also, no duplicate data is collected.

Real time visibility

We understand how trusting people no matter of their expertise can be difficult. Hence, we strictly follow “no hidden policy” with our clients. 

Our client can view the data updation at any time.

Event Promotion

Promoting an event is as much needed as conducting it. This is the only way of letting people know what are you upto. Due to our approaches and years of experience, we know how to target specific groups that are available online to promote the event. 

      Our promoting methods include:

  • Developing professional email campaigns 
  • Sending direct invitations to potential audience
  • Promoting events with branded websites
  • Designing promotional materials like brochure and e flyers
  • Distributing promotional materials widely
  • Keeping participants up-to-date and engaged throughout the conference
  • Maintaining a healthy onsite communication with participants like program guides
  • Gaining participants’ feedback after conference which can be utilized for future conferences

Publication Management

Special issues of conference proceedings can be published online and/or Print as per the requirements of the conveyor/ organizer of the conference. These special issues contain Peer reviewed & accepted articles & submissions fit for publication. Special issues can then be ordered in bulk for distribution during or post conference.

Manuscript Plagiarism Check: We use high quality software to help you identify passages in your manuscript. This is followed by a complete report, highlighting problematic sections. Our Plagiarism service includes:

  1. Plagiarism check report.
  2. Identify significant overlaps in text with published articles.

Peer Review Service: We offer professional peer review of manuscripts within 7 days. Journal manuscript reviewers with specialized knowledge in your field of study will review your paper to pinpoint areas for improvement and provide suggestions.

Formatting: Our formatting work will remove all the glitches from your manuscript. We ensure that your text, figures, tables, & references are all formatted as per the “instructions to author” guidelines.

  1. We format the full manuscript according to author’s guidelines.
  2. Arrange texts, paragraphs and figures within a specified margin and position.
  3. Ensure that references are presented in correct style (e.g., APA, MLA, CMS etc.)
  4. Work online spacing and margin of the journal.
  5. Prepare designated layout and formatting style.
  6. Reformatting the images into the required style.

Proofreading: Our proofreading team handles the checkpoints like language, writing style and reference style.

  1. Checking of full manuscript and detecting all type of errors.
  2. Checked the capitalization and punctuation of manuscript.
  3. Checking for spelling and grammatical errors, typographical mistakes, missing words.

Copyediting: Our copyediting services offer the proofreading of the full manuscript and checking the manuscript’s English language for spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. Our services cover:

  1. Checking the manuscript’s English language for spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.
  2. Checking for the consistency in writing style (capitalization, British English).
  3. Rephrasing the sentences for better clarity.
  4. Checking for consistent use of abbreviations.
  5. Checking of referencing style.

“Working with STM Conferences means sitting back and enjoy your event’s success.”

Post conference:

  • We publish proceedings with maximum dissemination and ISBN and DOI number
  • We provide a printed version of conference proceedings on-demand with a separate print ISBN
  • We publish the proceedings in our publications which are suitable for all kind of publications

STM proceedings advantages:

  • Cost-Effective 
  • Available Online 
  • ISBN 
  • Print on Demand 
  • Separate DOI of each article 

Terms for accepting papers from conferences:

  • STM Conferences accept papers from conferences that were conducted by academic institution, research organization, or industry with established research wing
  • No paper is accepted if conference is conducted by commercial society
  • Organizers have to specify conference announcements on their official website
  • The organizer should be a member of the conference organizing committee of the organization and should have access to the conference’s official mail id or institution’s mail id. 
  • Article selection should be made by the conference committee 
  • Selection criteria must be based on the merit of work evaluated through the peer-review process. 
  • No misleading or false information should be shared in the conference website
  • STM own the full copyright of the paper and the author is not allowed to republish it
  • Online manuscript’s access is provided to the author and they have to demand for physical copy.

What are peer-review guidelines?

Experts should ensure that paper is coherent, easy to read, and digestible with a thorough peer-review. It is the responsibility of editors to appoint exceptional reviewers. A robust peer-review process will ameliorate the quality of the published proceedings and enhance the value of proceeding services.

Fee for Conference Proceedings 

Our cost-effective rates depend on the time between the conference date and the date of agreement to publish the proceeding. 

  • If the time between the conference date and agreement date is more than 6 months, we charge a nominal fee of $500 USD 
  • If the time remaining between the conference and agreement is less than 6 months, a nominal fee of $10 per article is charged.