Dr. Anil Kumar Chojar

Dr. Anil Kumar Chojar-CEO & Vice-President Operations, Drakc Consulting & Management Solutions, New Delhi

Dr. Anil Kumar Chojar, was former Director, and Professor at AICTE approved Disha Group of Management and Engineering Institutions, Raipur, for MBA and PGDM Programs. He is Ph.D. in Business Management with specialization in industrial marketing operations management. He did M.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences, with specialization in Economics-Farm business/mechanization, and B.Sc. Hons. in Life Sciences with specialization in Agriculture. In more than three decades of experience, he has worked in management education sector for nearly eight years and 24-25 years in the corporate sector at senior management positions. He has worked with organizations including MNCs from food industry, pharmaceuticals, agri-business, projects and engineering industries.

His current roles include management consulting comprising agri-business, Phyto-pharmaceuticals, civil engineering, and corporate sector assignments about business strategy, Sales & Operations planning, Inventory control, JIT and lean operations, SCM, and TQM/Quality management, besides economic and market research, product evaluations, along with consulting in industrial, and service management operations. Besides having reviewed management books for International publishers, he has authored books on topics/ areas such as Tobacco Cultivation and Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Operations Management.


With his great initiative and experience in education and management consulting business,Dr Anil Kumar Chojar has been cordially invited as a speaker in panel discussion session at CCAE-ARCHVIL 2018.

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