Dr. Sharda Rastogi

Dr. Sharda Rastogi

Dr. Sharda Rastogi is working as Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in R.A.K College of Nursing, Delhi University, India. She has around 32 years of teaching experience. She worked in the area of Community Health 1986-1995 as a PHN Supervisor. She has organized various training program i.e. Community health guides, Dai training programs
and TBA, ICUD Insertion training Programs, Conducted various community-based projects. She is the member of various committee of the college i.e. ragging committee, Sexual harassment committee, Condemnation Committee, Member of disciplinary resource committee, TNAI House of delegates, Society of Midwives of India, Nursing research society of India, Neonatology forum of India. Master trainer of GFATM and IMNCI projects. Adhoc inspector for Indian Nursing Council (INC). Monitoring the performance of Health Office. Zonal officer in charge of Pulse polio program. She has organized and participated in various conferences/ Workshops.
Attendant various short and long term course in IUCD incursion, UPI, RCH and health education etc.

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