Mayank Mishra

Mayank Mishra Principal Architect with SHiFt

Mayank Mishra is an architect with expertise in sustainable design, ecological sensitive design, collaborative design approach, branding and product design. An alumnus of prestigious Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mayank naturally adopted the role of Principal Architect with SHiFt which is a boutique of collaborative practice , working mainly in the field of Sustainable Architecture. Being able to simultaneously lead the varied processes at SHiFt, Mayank works with the creative teams, handles research and analytical thinking tasks, thus exhibiting both leadership and managerial skills while maintaining his core role as a doer.

His projects include Sustainable campus design, Green office buildings, master planning, eco-resorts, a real estate IT park, various institutional buildings passive solar architecture, cost and project management, water management systems, energy cycle and lifecycle analysis.

He has lead team of various prestigious projects at SHiFt like IIT-J, Campus for Agilent, Bamboo Research and Training centre, TERI-NBC and so on, many of these concerns are beyond merely ‘green’ concerns.

He is a bright team leader as well as a team player. He has also been known to be an early adopter of digital architecture design and bringing a design an approach skills through various process to architectural practice. Mayank has independently dealt and also provided consultancy in branding, graphics design, production design and furniture design in various projects.

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