Dr. Manish Thaplyal

Dr. Manish Thaplyal

Dr. Manish Thaplyal currently working as a Group General Manager in CONCOR. He completed his Engineering (Mechanical) from Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Jamalpur and have put-in more than 23 Yrs of service with the Indian Railways as a member of Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers (IRSME). He was also been In-charge of Mega Coaching Depot at Santrgachi, Kolkata,South – East Railway and Head of the Diesel Loco Maintenance Unit at Kharagpur. He discharged the responsibility of Works Manager in a Passenger Coach Factory and had been instrumental in effecting design innovations for freight carrying wagons while working in Research Designs & Standards Organization (RDSO), Lucknow. His MBA was completed from MDI Gurgaon while the PhD was from IIT Kharagpur. His experience is that issues are broken up, more often than not, into smaller and manageable pieces where there is confluence of concepts and practices.

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