Ar. Deependra Prasad

Ar. Deependra Prasad

Mr. Deependra Prashad is the principal Architect at DPAP, a firm working on Sustainable Design and Net Zero Projects. He is having 22 years’ experience in designing and delivering projects all over the country and has won various awards and design competitions. Besides engaging in his architectural practice, he teaches at SPA Delhi and has trained at various government and nongovernmental bodies including UN-Habitat, TERI, BEE, CSE, CPWD, MES
& PWD’s in the area of sustainable design and humane city planning and has lectured extensively in India and abroad. He is also the founder member; Coordinator, INTBAU India (The International Network of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism), and is a former chair of its apex international body, the INTBAU – ICC. This network based organization works in the area of sustainable architecture people friendly urbanism, which learns from tradition, and helps create humane, healthy resource efficient buildings and cities. DPAP is accredited by TERI –GRIHA and Bureau of Energy Efficiency in the area of training in green buildings. He has also been Consulted Govt. of India NGOs on issues of appropriate building materials, water harvesting and community based planning for educational infrastructure development.
Deependra also writes in his free time and has contributed in various books, journals and magazine articles in the field of sustainable design.

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