Dr. Atanu Jana

Dr. Atanu Jana is currently serving as Professor and Head in the Department of Dairy Processing & Operations, S.M.C. College of Dairy Science, Anand Agricultural University (AAU), Anand having joined the College in August, 1984. He had served as Professor and Head in the Department of Dairy Technology at the same College for 3 years.

Dr. Jana has served for nearly 36 years devoting his time in teaching (Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in the field of Dairy and Food Technology) and research. His field of expertise is in cheese and cheese analogues and new natural flavourings for Ice cream. Dr. Jana is a permanent TQM member at Vidya Dairy, AAU, Anand, Gujarat.

His research work pertaining to Masters and Doctoral research work was on Mozzarella cheese and cheese analogue and he has been teaching ‘Cheese Technology’ to both UG and PG students at the College for the past two years. He has guided 18 masters and 3 doctoral students. He has to his credit 7 Book chapters and 145 papers (Research and Technical) in Indian as well as International journals (USA, Australia, UK, Egypt, Canada) of repute. Dr. Jana had been the external examiner for few Doctoral theses from Victoria University, Australia. Dr. Jana is a Referee of a number of journals such as Int. J. Dairy Technol., Int. Food Res. J., Herald J. Agric. & Food Sci. Res., J. Sci. Food & Agric. (Wiley), Afr. J. Food Sci., JAOCS, J. Food Sci., J. Food Sci. & Technol. (Springer), Asian J. Dairy & Food Res., etc. Dr. Jana is a member of Editorial Board for Dairy Research and Technology, Herald Scholarly Open Access; CIBTech; STM Journals. Dr. Jana is a Member of Broad Subject Matter Area (BSMA) for Dairy Technology subjects related to Post graduate syllabus revision. Dr. Jana had been an Expert member of UGC team for reviewing the activities of few Universities in India.

He has been instrumental in organizing National level ‘Dairy and Food Quiz Contests’ and served as ‘Quiz Master’ for a decade at the college. He is a Founder member and Member, Board of Editors for Dr. Chawla Dairy Information Centre Pvt., Ltd., Delhi, and Center for Info BioTechnology (CIBTech), Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has been awarded Fellowship of National Academy of Dairy Sciences (NADS) by NDRI, Karnal in April 2016. He is a Life member of Indian Dairy Association (IDA), New Delhi; AFST(I), Mysore; Indian Science Congress, Kolkata and Dairy Technology Society of India(DTSI) and National Academy of Dairy Sciences (India) (NADSI), Karnal. Dr Jana had been the Subject matter specialist/Expert and had delivered one invited lecture at the National e-Brainstorming session on ‘Pre-Mid-Post Covid-19 Challenges of Dairy Farmers/Entrepreneurs’ organized by College of Dairy Science and Technology, GADVASU, Ludhiana on 12th June, 2020. Dr. Jana is an expert member nominated by FSSAI for formulating recent standards on low-fat Mozzarella/Pizza cheese and processed cheese products.

Dr. Jana had been the recipient of ‘Best Teacher Award’ for the year 2014-15 from Dairy Science College, AAU, Anand; ‘Best Faculty Award’ by the Education Expo TV-Companies Rating System (EET-CRS) Faculty Branding Award in 2016. Lately, he has been awarded with ‘Reviewer Excellence Award’ and ‘Editorial Excellence Award’ by Agricultural Research Communication Center (ARCC) in 2016.

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